Launch of the revised and expanded edition of the book “BioAromas à Mesa”

After the first edition of the book “BioAromas à Mesa” saw the light of day in 2016, the second edition, revised and expanded, will appear in July 2023.

This book arose from the desire to compile and make available to the interested public innovative recipes that include the aromatic plants produced as part of the BioAromas project, which Rui Lopes has presented every year since October 2010 in his cooking workshops.

BioAromas is a project to promote the transition to post-school life for students with special educational needs at the Pedro da Fonseca Primary and Secondary School in Proença-a-Nova. The project is anchored in the production of aromatic and medicinal plants and one of the activities it promotes, in partnership with Rui Lopes, from Medronho & Canela, are cooking workshops to mark World Food Day.


July 21st, 2023