This Christmas you can try the Medronho Escangalhado King Cake

At the beginning of December 2023, Medronho & Canela’s third product went on sale: Bolo Rei Escangalhado de Medronho, a novelty that you can’t miss this Christmas.

The product is available in several stores, and on December 2 we marked this new milestone with a tasting at Intermarché in Proença-a-Nova, the municipality where our company has its head office.

Bolo Rei Escangalhado de Medronho is made from the traditional Bolo Rei dough, to which we add the dried fruits characteristic of Bolo Rainha and a delicious filling of the medronho fruit. This innovative medronho product is mashed and fermented traditionally for several hours, then baked in a stone ballast oven. It is then finished and decorated with medronhos.


December 2nd, 2023