MC Research


Medronho & Canela came about as a result of the research and investment work of its founder, Rui Lopes, who is also a visiting assistant professor at the Polytechnic of Leiria and a researcher at ciTechCare. In this sense, all the projects launched by the company begin with fundamental research work.

In this product research and development process, we adopt a QFD (Quality Function Deployment) methodology, which aims to identify the quality parameters of the final product, aligned with the function to be performed and the expectations of customers, in a market penetration plan.

The Medronho & Canela R&D cycle begins with a team of researchers talking about new creations using medronho. This sharing of ideas gives rise to product co-creation strategies with other industries. All development is aligned with multiple variables of market alignment and customer focus.

The concept of all the products developed by Medronho & Canela is based on the following pillars: functional foods, clean label products, nutritional content, presence of antioxidants, democratic value, full use of all raw materials.

Completed Projects