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At Medronho & Canela, in addition to research and products, we like to live and provide new experiences linked to gastronomy, nutrition and food. It is with this in mind that we have been involved in various projects over the years.

Food from the Earth

The “Food from the Earth” project, devised by Medronho & Canela, aims to be a journey to discover the food and gastronomic heritage of the territories.
An idea developed on the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, the aim is to investigate the agri-food sector in a given territory, identify local gastronomic recipes and publicise and promote healthier, sustainable and locally-based forms of food and nutrition.

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Bio Aromas

BioAromas is a project to promote the transition to post-school life for students with special educational needs at the Pedro da Fonseca Primary and Secondary School in Proença-a-Nova.

The project is anchored in the production of aromatic and medicinal plants and one of the activities it promotes, in partnership with Rui Lopes, from Medronho & Canela, are cooking workshops to mark World Food Day.

Every year since October 2010, Rui Lopes has presented innovative recipes using aromatic plants produced as part of the BioAromas project.

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In November 2016, many of these recipes were published in the book "BioAromas à Mesa", which in 2023 was reissued with more recipes.


(g)Astronomic Experiences

(g)Astronomical Experiences is an annual event that has been organised by the Municipality of Proença-a-Nova for the last five years, combining scientific knowledge linked to astronomy with gastronomy and heritage.

Rui Lopes, from Medronho & Canela, Miguel Gonçalves, a science communicator and commentator for RTP, and José Matos, from the Aveiro University Physics Association (FISUA), are the hosts of the initiative, which also features different special guests every year.

As well as being part of the event’s team of hosts, Rui Lopes is responsible for the “ancestral flavors” of the dinner served to the participants. He always tries to define a menu that, in keeping with the theme of each edition, provides a unique experience for the participants.

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Gastronomic Workshops

In the Portuguese dictionary, “gastronomia” is defined as “the art of cooking with the aim of giving the greatest pleasure to those who eat”.

Combining his experience as a chef with his knowledge as a nutritionist and also his curiosity as a lover of the “pleasures of the table”, Rui Lopes, from Medronho & Canela, periodically organises workshops where he promises to teach you the secrets of good cooking to give you the greatest possible pleasure when you eat and share the table with your loved ones.

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